Magic Diet Soup – Lose Weight Fast – Low Gi.

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Diet Soup, a complete meal in it’s self. Lose the weight fast or just maintain it, it worked for me…… Start with having the soup 3 to 4 times a day, with fruit and salad in between for 2 weeks. After that do this for once a week and on the rest of the days, follow low GI Diet…. I hope it helps whoever needs it… Diet Soup Recipe ****20 mins boil*********** 1/2 – Head of Cabbage 2 to 3 – Veggie or Chicken stock. 4 to 5 – Tomato’s. 4 to 5 – Small onions. 1 – Leek 1 – Small celery root. 2 – Sweet red peppers. 6 – Cloves garlic. ****30 mins Boil********** ****Last 10 mins********** ½ cup – Parsley (any) 3 – Bay leaves. 1 to 2 tsp. – Nutmeg. 1 to 2 tsp. – Cumin. 4 to 5 tsp. – Oregano. 1 to 2 tsp. – Black pepper. 4 to 6 – Green onions. 3 to 4 tsp. – Tomato paste. Salt to taste………….. Attention !!!, before attempting any diet, you should consulate a Medical Doctor. For I’ am just showing “How it worked for me”… It is an easy to follow diet. Although not suitable for lasting weight loss, the Cabbage Soup Diet is a high-fiber, low-fat diet that will help you get into shape fast before you embark on a more sensible long-term diet plan. The cabbage soup is really filler, making sure that the dieter does not get the feeling of starvation or hunger pangs. Cabbage soup diet is recommended for more 7 days stright. The Soup Diet is very low in protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to continue for a long period of time. Now the cabbage soup diet is not
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  2. Lee Majors

    My soup should be ready in ten. Thank you.

  3. Hemant Giri

    looks so cool but i need some idea can u give me any idea how many cal we getting per one serve coz i need per day is not more then 1500cal and i need to lose more 14kg it be help if u say me

  4. Kristy Kabui

    Wow,you look great, my husband is much bigger than was you, wish my husband could learn a thing or two from you, he is way much bigger than was you, he doesn’t seem to want to change, am very stressed, we don’t have any intimacy, he can’t do anything this days–lol, sorry for being soooo plain,maybe you could inspire him.Thanks for the

  5. mishy26mm

    This looks so amazing i’m definitely going to make this. Thanks for your recipe.

  6. Linda Martinez

    CookingaRound-How long of a time frame, did you lose the 75 pounds? You look great.

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  9. hugaplanet

    Thank you for inspiring me to try this! x

  10. robbiedaug

    Looks great!! Maybe purple cabbage is better to use?

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  12. Robertsy69er

    in need of a hand blender

  13. yalda sadiq

    hi Daisy Baanders, can you give me the hospital soup recipe please… thanks

  14. Tommy Wilson

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  15. jennifershahin

    I am taking multivitamin, should I have to continue taking it when i am doing fat burner soup. thanks

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  17. Daisy Baanders

    Lo que hice es la dieta de la sopa de hospital que pueded perder 7 killos en 1 semana. Lo hice y he perdido más de 15 killos en 2 semanas wiiiiii:D esta dieta es especial para personas con sobrepeso en el hospital que necesitan cirugía rápido …. así que si ustedes quieren la dieta! :) Me preguntas i te lo paso! :D

  18. Daisy Baanders

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  19. CookingaRound

    Yes if you want, but then it will turn into mush…..

  20. Judi Mahardika

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  21. ei7gt

    can you just blend the whole pot of soup

  22. Blake Bradley

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  25. Expressyourselfx

    AHHHHHHHH! never eating bad food again! hahaha

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  28. izzy1394

    I don’t have a kitchen in my dorming facility, if that was the case I would cook daily, but I understand that I could use my microwave but you’re very limited on things…. That sucks, but I could still eat lots of fruits “/

  29. joyjoyooO

    true. do u live in a dorm? i used to go grocery shopping weekly and just cook, just make time for it. =]

  30. joyjoyooO

    MUST eat breakfast. its not only good for you but it keeps you maintain most of the energy till around 12-1 pm. you can totally not eat a lot for dinner though. make TIME to eat breakfast.

  31. Robert Swanson

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  34. spookmore

    great figure but most of all she knows what she is on about,,,,,good on ya women

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  36. lovepeacebliss

    whoa I cant comprehend this comment. Can someone smarter than me explain why this is so wrong!!

  37. beatlesandswift

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  39. xisin

    Organic food is a giant pet peeve of mine. If someone wants to eat it great, but to say everyone should is terrible. If we took all the farm-able land in the world and grew only organic food, a billion people in the world would die. Genetically engineered food saves many people’s lives. Choosing between organic or non-organic, is frankly, a first world problem.


    I have a question. I’m really bad about eating breakfast. One reason is because I don’t always have time. The other reason is because I’m usually not hungry. I don’t like to eat when i’m not hungry, but i was told to eat breakfast even if your not hungry. Is this true?

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  42. izzy1394

    I Agree with everything that was said in this video, but when you’re in college it’s more difficult to eat healthy, :-(

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  47. AstroMen2911

    In one of your videos you mention that Zoe Sofia means Life Wisdom. I was wondering if Zodiac also relates and if so, why not call the Zodiac; Zodicle for Circle of Life. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on Astrology if you like to talk about it. I for one am extremely fascinated and addicted to Astrology and wish to educate others about it too.

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  49. trevon sherod

    i thought you should’nt eat carbs alone eat carbs with meat will keep your blood sugar stable


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